Access to our suite of API tools is available to qualified services.


Add OAuth login functionality to your website allowing patrons to securely access your website or mobile application using similar technologies to many other online authentication tools and social media websites.


FCRA Background Check

Enable your website or mobile APP to conduct fully Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA) compliant background checks. Requests originate from your application and ProveME then works with the subject to conducts the background check in a secure and controlled environment.


ID Escrowtm

Enable your website or mobile APP patrons to securely exchange personal identity information from within your secure environment using standard REST based requests and responses.


Regional Intelligence API

The Regional Intelligence API allows your website or mobile APP to monitor local threat matrix and intelligence information and be notified using a webhook automatically when new intelligence is detected.


Analyst Engage API

Electronically request and engage ProveME Discovery Analysts from within your website or mobile application. Analyst reviews can be requested manually or automatically based on detected events.


Catfish API

Seemlessly screen your website and mobile APP patrons for reports of online catfishing, fraudulent and inapropriate behavior increasing the safety and confidence of your users.